Monday, January 14, 2013

My first race with Nationwide Insurance/Veloworx was the 24 Hours of Fury held at McDowell Mountain Park on Nov 3, 2012.

The Nationwide team is great to work with, becuase they are always motivating each other.  They are the kind of guys that are super fast, but never let that get in the way of having fun.  I was stoked to work with this tight-knit group and the Bitty Bitty guys at the fury.

The race was a lot of fun without any major setbacks, except Henry Svenvlad's broken collarbone and a Niner RDO issue.  Henry's injury kept one of our teams out of the race and as you may know, the RDO is a huge pain in the ass to cable!  It requires just about the complete removal of the swing arm, which is not a great design for 24 hour racing.  Even with these setbacks, we did really well and had an amazing time.

This is how it all shook out for my teams.

Nationwide Insurance J and T - 12 Hour Duo - 1st Place
Nationwide/Velo SMJJ - 12 Hour Quad - 2nd Place
Nationwide - 12 Hour CoEd - 3rd Place
Steve Thompson - 24 Hour Solo Single Speed Male - 2nd
Bitty's/Nationwide - 24 Hour 5 Person - 2nd Place
Kim - 12 Hour Solo Single Speed Female - 2nd Place

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