Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dawn To Dusk - Dec 1, 2012

Dawn to Dusk was my second event with Nationwide.  At this time, I was much more familiar with the team.  They had all just received new Scott bikes, which led to the race going off without a hitch.  All I had to worry about this day was the usual break-in maintenance.

Nationwide team members Paul and Matty rolling through the pitt.

Nationwide/Velowork PCTB - Quad Male - 2nd
Nationwide/Sunday Cycles Duo - Duo Gears - 5th
Nationwide/Veloworx GCJD - Quad Gears - 7th
Nationwide/Veloworx + Landis B - Quad Gears - 13th
Dick and Kitty Racing Team - Duo Mixed Single Speed - 1st

Shout out to Spencer and Rhino for placing 5th in Duo Single Speed on fat bikes!

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